Welcome, Chelsea!

Chelsea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, class of 2014. Her studies focused on environmental psychology, examining the profound effects interior spaces have on our well-being. Her holistic approach to design is tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle and preferences. Her commitment extends beyond surface aesthetics, emphasizing the power of space planning and the finer details and finishing touches that bring a design full circle.

With a diverse portfolio spanning residential, commercial, and retail sectors, Chelsea has collaborated with esteemed entities such as The New England Aquarium, Kelly Custom Furniture & Cabinetry, ATOMIC Design, and ZEN Associates, Inc. Previously based in Pittsburgh and Boston, she has successfully designed and managed hundreds of projects.  

Showcasing Chelsea’s creativity, she launched Chalks∞Landing on Etsy in 2020, exhibiting her own brand of nature-inspired artwork, jewelry and decor. Chelsea’s artistic palette is as diverse as her inspirations. She seamlessly navigates through various mediums, including collage, sculpture, painting, poetry, photography, and jewelry-making. Her artistic repertoire continually expands as she delves into new techniques and subject matter, pushing the boundaries of her creativity and understanding of the inner self. One distinctive aspect of her artistry is her commitment to creative reuse. Chelsea finds beauty and potential in the discarded and forgotten, often working with natural, reclaimed and recycled materials. This eco-conscious approach not only adds depth and character to her work but also aligns with her broader ethos of promoting environmental awareness through art, and inspiring others to see potential in what is typically overlooked, underutilized, or thrown away.

Presently based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Chelsea has a rescue dog named Scooby and an obscene collection of driftwood.   

Welcome to the team!