The Values of Home Staging

Planning the next step in life and thinking about selling your home in the near future? Should you invest in professional staging? Realtors agree staging by a professional designer or stager is necessary and valuable.

Potential buyers entering a home need to visualize themselves and their belongings in each space. In a recent survey, 81% of buyers said it is easier to visualize living in a staged home. It creates a great first impression and, even if the kitchen needs a makeover, a well-staged house priced correctly will sell faster.

Professionally staged homes usually cost about 1% of the asking price and spend less time on the market. Also, a staged home usually goes for the asking price and often higher – surveys estimate that sellers make up to 10% more when the home is staged. Every time we have staged a home it has sold within 48 hours!

Décor should be kept simple. A well-staged home is clutter-free with simple furniture arrangements and easy flow. Each room should have just one easy-to-understand purpose – for example, a dining room also used as an office can be reduced to just dining items.

A stager may draw attention to a focal area by adding a mirror, increase warmth with rugs and colorful pillows, and add plants to breathe life into cold spaces. They may also create conversation areas where buyers can see themselves enjoying the space.

To get your home ready for staging add fresh paint, upgrade lighting and take care of minor repairs. Great staging includes enhancing curb appeal. If buyers are impressed with the property, they will be in a positive frame of mind before they walk inside.

If you want to beat the competition and sell your home quickly, hire professionals: realtors, designers and/or stagers. As a home owner, it is hard to objectively view your home’s positive and negative aspects. You want experienced individuals to capitalize on your home’s highlights and an objective eye to see past your memories. Remember, you will be busy decluttering, sorting, packing, and planning your next living space.