The Return of Wallpaper

Revamping the walls in an interior space is one of the easiest ways to change the entire appearance of your home. Paints and wainscoting are typically considered more decorative options, but bespoke, or custom ordered, wallpaper designs are able to create a more personal connection between a homeowner and the appearance of their home.

Digital imaging and printing technologies have been a great benefit to the wallpaper industry and many companies are able to create custom wallpaper with these tools. A family portrait could be used to cover the wall of the downstairs living room, or a bedroom could be clearly marked with wallpaper featuring a picture of the child who sleeps there. The technology needed to produce these layers of wallpaper are widely available and companies can provide custom bespoke wallpaper for prices ranging from $50 to $120 per meter.

Henrietta Heisler Interiors is very interested in creating custom designs for our clients. We know that personalizing a home or interior space can bring the perfect atmosphere to any room. We have expertise in crafting plenty of original interior pieces, including armoires, benches and more. Our original furniture pieces are the perfect complement to your bespoke wallpaper design.

The new interest in bespoke wallpaper designs is also spurring sales of decorative floral prints or other artworks that can create a pleasing mural on any wall. This is why custom printed wallpaper first gained popularity in the days well before digital photography. However, with digital technology, any fabric or texture can be applied to wallpaper. For example, the British design firm Space Innovations reported creating an order of wallpaper for a bathroom based on a roll of toilet paper in a discontinued style.

The possibilities for using bespoke wallpaper in your home is limitless. When you want to customize your residence using this or other interior design, contact Henrietta Heisler Interiors. We will help your home become the personal castle you’ve always dreamed of.