The Future’s Living Space

What if an interior designer had a time machine, and traveled to the future? What would he or she say about the homes? Would the designer have a light bulb moment and exclaim “I knew homes were going in this direction!” In a way, an effective interior designer must have access to some kind of time machine.

You see, an interior designer must be knowledgeable when it comes to people’s wants. What was popular five years ago is not popular anymore. Tastes fluctuate and styles change. If you are an interior designer and stuck in the past, good luck getting work, because the industry has flown by you. If anything, interior designers have their eyes fixed firmly on the future, like space travelers. At the very least, an effective interior designer has one foot in the present and the other firmly planted in the future.

Nowadays, tastes fluctuate like never before. The economy has been like a seesaw, moving up and down. This is good for some, others not so much. Between foreclosures and short sales, homebuyers have been able to purchase houses for low prices. As a result, they are able to get creative with them, in terms of remodeling and redesigning. Homeowners want to make their mark like never before; the drive for individuality and comfort is on everyone’s minds.

This year, for example, one trend that has been popular is the merging of the kitchen and living space (or living room). The cubicle-like nature of homes, meaning how rooms are segregated off from one another, is becoming an antiquated notion. It is easy feeling imprisoned in such a set up. A home is not a prison. Additionally, any energy a home may have is stifled by walls and that sense of closed-off-ness.

To break such monotony, many homeowners seek to combine the kitchen and the living room. Not only does this enhance one’s living space, it creates a feeling of organic freedom. One can really move around in such a space. By merging rooms, a homeowner is maximizing the efficiency of home and, in particular, the square footage.
Interior designers must cater to the emotional wants of homeowners and clients. In this case, more homeowners want their living space to be fluid.

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