Pop Goes the Future – KBIS 2018

It wasn’t just cool, visually inspiring, and innovative designs that created magic at this year’s KBIS show, Cindy Allen, editor of Interior Design magazine and a big influencer in design, was the keynote speaker. The show certainly lived up to her topic, “POP goes the future.” There were “Pops” everywhere, in pattern, color, new/improved products, as well as both modern and retro design.

Cindy’s trend report highlighted five categories: pop, graphic, comic, retro and natural. Basically, implying what I have been saying for years, anything goes in design today. The questions are: What do you like? How is it best expressed?  Am I willing to be different? Not an easy task, so if it feels overwhelming, contact a design professional.

Stunning, hand painted appliances - the result of a collaboration between SMEG, known for retro 50's kitchen appliances, and Dolce + Gabbana.

The stunning, hand painted SMEG appliances were a highlight for me!

Back to KBIS! The event was full of innovative new products and designs, plus lots of color. One of my favorite new innovations is a sink/dishwasher integrated into the counter about the size of a typical double sink. Great for small spaces and singles who may not fill a typical dishwasher frequently.

SMEG, an Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer known for its Retro 50’s line of mixers, juicers, toasters, and larger kitchen appliances has teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana. The new line includes 100 absolutely beautiful hand painted refrigerators which SMEG will deliver and install for you, for – take a breath – $46,000. It was a total show stopper.

Natural pops are also trending with use of large and small stone, incorporating wood and other natural textures, as well as mixing natural elements with modern technology and lighting.

Sicis “Electric Marble” with fuschia veining. A thin-profile Vetrite glass material that looks like perfect, yet impossible marble.

Sicis “Electric Marble” with fuschia veining.

Sicis, a high-end glass tile company, created “Electric Marble” using fuschia, turquoise, and gold veining on their thin-profile Vetrite material. It looks like perfect, yet impossibly colored marble. You want to believe it came out of the earth fucshia infused, but science meeting art creates this design “wow”. (If you find yourself in New York City, check out their showroom, it is worth a trip just to window shop!)

Advances in technology and creative collaboration unveil new possibilities every day. I am so excited about the future of all design!