Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Our Commitment to Lancaster County

At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, we’re not just interior designers; we’re also proud members of the Lancaster County, PA community. While we serve the tri-state area, it’s Lancaster City that we call home. Our studio is nestled right here downtown, and we are deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and spirit of this charming county.

Our Commitment to Lancaster County

We love our county, and our commitment to its growth and well-being goes beyond our design work. As a company, we believe in giving back and being an active part of our community. That’s why we dedicate a significant amount of our time and resources to support local charities, events, and organizations that make Lancaster City the remarkable place it is.

Here are some of the places and causes we proudly support:

  1. Fulton Theatre: Showcasing art that respects, confirms, and expands the Fulton’s position as a regional theater. We support the theatre in preserving and ensuring the continued vitality of this National Historic Landmark within our community.
  2. Lancaster Public Library: The library serves as a catalyst for inspiration, empowerment, and community resilience by facilitating connections between individuals and information, fostering the exchange of ideas, and creating enriching experiences. By ensuring equal access to essential educational resources, offering outstanding programs, and creating opportunities for community engagement. Visit the downtown location at Ewell Plaza, which we had some input in designing.
  3. Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County: This organization collaborates with a diverse board to safeguard historically significant structures within the 60 municipalities comprising Lancaster County.
  4. Demuth Museum: The Demuth Foundation is dedicated to cultivating a deep appreciation for the visual arts in Lancaster. Their mission revolves around three core pillars: preserving the influential legacy of Charles Demuth, championing local and regional artists, and sparking creativity in the next generation.
  5. Pennsylvania College of Art & Design : We understand the importance of small businesses in our community. We work with local entrepreneurs and organizations to help them establish and enhance their online presence.
  6. Lancaster Chamber of Commerce: Is a vibrant community of individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to fostering collaboration, promoting growth, and embracing strategic thinking. Together, we are committed to ensuring the prosperity and success of Lancaster County’s businesses and communities.
  7. YWCA: Is a nonprofit with a clear mission: to combat racism, empower women, and advocate for peace, justice, freedom, and the dignity of every individual. As one of the pioneering and largest multicultural organizations, we actively pursue creative solutions to enhance the well-being of women, girls, and families.
  8. Hamilton Club: Is a prestigious Five-Star Platinum private club deeply devoted to offering unparalleled culinary, social, and business experiences. The Club has a rich tapestry of dynamic and diverse individuals, couples, and families who relish the Club’s steadfast dedication to delivering personalized care and extraordinary, life-enriching moments.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We believe that a strong community is built on the collective efforts of its members. We invite you to join us in making a positive impact in Lancaster City. Whether it’s through volunteering, supporting local events, or contributing to the causes that matter most to you, together, we can continue to make our city a place we’re proud to call home.

As you explore our website, know that every project you entrust to us helps us support our beloved Lancaster City, PA. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your digital goals while continuing to give back to our wonderful community.