Lighting is Everything

When planning the design for an interior space, many people tend to overlook the possibilities that the perfect lighting can create. Unique home settings make great use of many lighting configurations that can effectively set a range of atmospheres within a space. If you feel that your home or office has become a bit too drab for your tastes, some inventive use of lighting fixtures can create dramatic effects without extreme renovations.

For example, indirect lighting can be used to provide some clarity to a room without being uncomfortable to the eyes. Too much direct lighting in a room can be a nuisance to someone with sensitive vision, and may affect everyone by raising the temperature of the room. A lounge or visiting room within your residence should have a little direct light, but utilizing indirect light from the outdoors or other rooms can create a softer look.

To set up indirect lighting effectively, you need to look at the various entryways that light has to enter a space. Doors and windows can all let light in at different angles, depending on where a fixture is hung in relation to the opening. Dressing a room with lightly colored linens and furniture can help enhance this effect, as guests will need less light to see these accoutrements.

Sometimes, you want some impressive direct lighting to highlight the sophistication of your home or interior space. A chandelier or other hanging fixture can quickly grab anyone’s attention, but you don’t want the fixture to come off as tacky. Picking a fixture that is properly sized according to the dimensions of your room will help it look more like it belongs in that space.

One rule of thumb is to take the width and length of a room’s ceiling in feet, add them together and convert it into inches. This leaves a designer with an idea of how wide a ceiling fixture should be. For example, a ceiling that measures 15 feet by 15 feet would be able to feature a chandelier that measures 30 inches wide.

The right lighting provides a perfect underscore to the story of your life. The professional designers at Henrietta Heisler Interiors will make sure that every part of your home’s aesthetic appearance is considered during our work. Homeowners living in and around Lancaster, PA, should call us first when thinking about renovations.