Kitschy Kitchens – Hot Cabinet Trends

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the room in your home where you can dine with your family, where you host holiday dinners, where you create recipes that get passed down from generation to generation – it’s where you make memories. With the kitchen being one of the most important rooms in your home, make sure it looks the part with beautiful cabinets that are in style!

Here are a few of 2016’s top cabinet trends according to ImproveNet:

Personalized Cabinets

What’s your style like? With the evolution of cabinets throughout the years, manufacturers are making cabinets that can match just about any kitchen design, color or style. Basically, you have many more choices other than the traditional wooden cabinets, and we can help you determine the best look and material to fit your home.

Functional Cabinets

Despite cabinets being a major addition to the rest of your home’s décor, they will always be used as storage. If you’re going to surround your kitchen with cabinets, make sure they are fully functional. Having cabinets and not enough storage space defeats the purpose of cabinet’s altogether, while customized drawers and shelving can make your cabinet spaces work for you instead of making you work around the space available.

Horizontal CabinetsCabinets with Horizontal Orientation

You often see cabinets with square and vertical rectangles, but how often do you see ones with horizontal designs? This cabinet trend consisting of horizontal sliding shelves, can make your kitchen appear longer and bigger. It also looks sharper and more modern, and can be more effective at storing your most used cookware and dishes.

Cabinets with High-Tech Features

Who would’ve ever thought that cabinets would be made with such high-tech features such as built-in charging stations, tablet holders and hands-free functionality? They do exist and they’re some of the trendiest cabinet styles to invest in! In a modern kitchen, adding amenities for today’s technology can make your kitchen work even better for you than ever before.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Old is new again! These types of cabinets are similar to that of the traditional Quaker wooden cabinets, but they boast a little more charm and character. With a plain, square design on solid wood, these cabinets are sure to never go out of style and can be customized internally to meet shelving and storage needs.

Clean Lines, Simple Designs

Subtle and chic are all the rage these days, and that means clean and simple is the style of choice. Cabinets with streamlined looks provide modern appeal and provide a simple design to add while providing a very contemporary look. Plus, for kitchens in stark white or dark paint schemes, these lines add a visual appeal that can’t be beat.

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