Kitchen Trends + New Tech

This January I attended the Kitchen and Bath show in Orlando, FL where I saw a lot of new and original designs. Clean, contemporary and transitional designs with function as the focus are trending. Similar to the furniture industry, Post Modern and Industrial styles are continuing to be popular. Metal cabinets, mixed woods and painted, colorful cabinet accents are also trending.  Use of granite is now second to quartz. An Italian company has developed a new ceramic slab that is thinner and lighter than its granite and quartz counterparts. It is so easy to care for, and you can cook directly on the surface, it is amazing!

Pictured, clockwise from top left: Beautiful porcelain panels great for counters, seen here as doors; Customizable sink workspace and behind drawer storage; Pinocchio faucet; Moving shelves; Pantry storage; and in center: Ruvati faucet sleeves.

More and more innovations incorporating technology are available, such as charging directly on the counter and the ability to control appliances from a smartphone. Former kitchen desks are being relocated to other rooms outside of the kitchen, due to these new technologies.

Wood countertops are making their resurgence in a modern way. Countertops and cabinets with more than one colored surface are also in vogue. Do not be afraid of painting cabinets a dark color like navy (I saw a stunning example!). LED lights are a must and adding under the counter lighting can be a critical element of making a kitchen as easy and accessible as possible.

Behind cabinet storage options have expanded to create ease for homeowners (though you pay for these details when renovating).  No longer do you need a stool to reach items on top shelves, they will come to you! Advances in pantry shelving have greatly improved accessibility and allow you to see every item. These new storage options mean there is literally a place for everything.

There are so many sink choices in the kitchen world, it is mind boggling and there was no shortage of beautiful specialty sinks at KBIS. Sinks are now an integrated part of the chef’s kitchen. With customizable options to create storage, prep and clean up areas they have become space-saving workhorses.

Faucet selections have also expanded in leaps and bounds. There are numerous new finish selections including copper, gold, rose gold and a rainbow of other colors. One manufacturer had a Pinocchio faucet that would be a hit in a recreational bar. It certainly would be a conversation piece!

Stay tuned for bathroom trends from KBIS in next month’s article.