Kitchen Renovation: Blending Functionality and Natural Charm

At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, we recently had the pleasure of working on a kitchen renovation project that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of nature and the desire for a more open space. Our clients, residing in a charming log cabin by the lake, wanted to enhance the natural aesthetic while ensuring their kitchen met their practical needs.

Embracing Openness with Open Shelving

One of the key design aspects that our clients desired was an open and spacious feel. To achieve this, we incorporated open shelving into the kitchen design. By eliminating traditional upper cabinets, the space immediately felt more airy and inviting. This also allowed the logs that formed the walls of the cabin to remain visible, serving as a constant reminder of the rustic charm of the home.

Photos by Justin Tearney

Preserving the Integrity of the Log Cabin

Maintaining the integrity of the log cabin was crucial to our clients. We took this into careful consideration during the renovation process. To seamlessly blend the kitchen with the log walls, we meticulously cut out the cabinets, ensuring that their shapes followed the outline of the logs. This attention to detail created a harmonious transition between the kitchen and the natural surroundings, preserving the cabin’s unique character.

Functionality and Accessibility

Knowing that our clients are passionate cooks with an extensive collection of pots and pans, we focused on providing them with a kitchen that offered both functionality and accessibility. Open base cabinets were chosen to allow for easy access and removal of larger cooking pots. This design choice not only simplified their daily cooking routines but also added to the overall open and spacious feel of the kitchen.

Illuminating the Space with Center Lighting

To enhance the natural light in the kitchen and create a warm and inviting ambiance, we opted for center lighting. By strategically placing pendant lights above the kitchen island and dining area, we not only illuminated the space but also added an elegant touch to the overall design. The soft glow from the center lighting fixtures beautifully complemented the natural materials and textures present in the log cabin.

Tilly’s Delight: Heated Floors for the Furry Friend

As avid pet lovers, our clients wanted to ensure that their four-legged friend, Tilly, felt comfortable and pampered in the newly renovated kitchen. We installed heated floors throughout the space, much to Tilly’s delight. Now, Tilly can happily lounge on the warm floors, enjoying the cozy atmosphere while her humans prepare delicious meals.


The kitchen renovation project for our clients at the log cabin by the lake was a true joy to undertake. By incorporating open shelving, preserving the integrity of the log walls, and focusing on functionality and accessibility, we were able to create a kitchen that perfectly blended with its natural surroundings. The addition of center lighting and heated floors added the perfect finishing touches, creating a space that is not only visually stunning but also highly practical and inviting.

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