Keep Cool In Blue


Blue is most known for providing a calming effect.  It not only provides great health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and slowing your respiratory rate, but it also produces other emotions such as peace, stability, confidence, tranquility, serenity, affection, and integrity.  It is a very powerful color, that when used correctly, can have a great impact.

Due to its calming nature, blue is perfect for offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Depending on the variation of the color blue used it can provide a wide range of emotional responses.  A darker shade of blue provides a dramatic, formal, or conservative look to a room. A bold, sapphire shade boosts energy and causes you to feel more productive. A beautiful, light shade of blue, like a sky blue or even lighter, can make you feel relaxed and even make a room look larger.

Here are a few examples of the color blue utilized in different settings. What do you feel when you look at these images?

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