Just Look Up!

The design world is transforming ceilings in a multitude of ways and creatively designed ceilings are trending. Let’s give up the standard white rectangle over our heads and give everyone a reason to look up and be inspired. Create an original design with ceiling tiles, paint, faux paint or wallpaper. Here are some basic considerations.

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Give guests a reason to look up: try enclosing a detail area with trim and add a unique light.

The ceiling height, style and the use of the room dictates the application. There are many beautiful options including nail-in and glue-on ceiling tiles which can be used on uneven surfaces with cracks and chipping.These can be self-installed – which means saving the family budget. Try surrounding a detailed or tiled area by enclosing it with trim. Patterns vary greatly so keep the room style in mind. The lower the ceiling height, the smaller the depth of detail you have to work with and vice versa, the higher, the more relief you can create.

Try a suspended ceiling to incorporate unusual geometry or create compositions with lighting and hanging lamps. Rounded shapes in a suspended area introduce smoothness and elegance to the room. Clean lines and sharp angles create structure that streamlines the interior. Exposed beams are available in a variety of forms. Build a unique ceiling with creative placement of beams within a suspended area.

Hide wires, lighting systems, as well as fastening areas for other ceiling structures with curtains. When suspended from the ceiling, curtains visually increase the height of the room. Colorful fabric can make the ceiling unique, memorable and spectacular!

Their low cost and ease of changing the room’s image are great reasons to use wallpaper or paint on the ceiling. Incorporate wallpaper by adding it to an accent wall then continue it across the ceiling. Or create an inset, like an area rug on the floor but on the ceiling as described above. When creating an inset it is best to paper in the center of the ceiling and have the paper repeat in both directions. In a small space, like a powder room, papering the whole ceiling can be appropriate.

  • Mirrors are a great foyer consideration. A ceiling light will repeat itself in a mirror and give the appearance of additional light and depth.
  • Paint the ceiling a bold, rich color and walls white for a luxurious look.
  • Duplicate ceiling color in window treatments and other décor
  • Create a canopy on the ceiling with a colorful textile fabric for something romantic, playful unique, or whimsical.
  • If you are less adventurous, try covering the ceiling with a color two shades lighter or darker then the walls.

Not every room can afford a bright or dark ceiling, or a colorful pattern, but if you have a room which needs a lift, think ceilings and don`t miss the opportunity to create an original finish!