Is It Time for a New Kitchen?

After HHII remodel - lots of light, a new floor plan, cabinets and clean design.

After HHII remodel – lots of light, a new floor plan, cabinets and clean design.

During the summer months, people start to think about the approaching holiday season even though the temperature might be 85 degrees or hotter. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah (or whichever winter holiday you celebrate) are only a few months away. The pending holiday often spurs on thoughts of updating ones space. If you are thinking of renovating for the holidays, especially your kitchen, you might want to put a plan in motion now.

A well designed kitchen takes time. Give yourself at least a month or two and even longer for serious renovation planning. This is true if you work with a professional or do it yourself. During this time, think about and make decisions on the following items:

  • Cabinetry style, finish, hardware and hinges; inside cabinet and drawer details
  • Location of cabinets and appliances for best workflow
  • Type and color of counter, backsplash and floor
  • Upgrading appliances, sinks, faucets
  • Wall and trim color and finishes
  • Window treatments and lighting
  • After all else is selected, choose accessories
Before HHII remodel

Before HHII remodel

The easiest and least expensive upgrade is painting existing cabinetry (if in good shape) and replacing hardware. Or, duplicate your existing cabinets and hardware. In these scenarios you keep the same floor plan.

Some elements are best to replace all at once, such as counters. If you are switching to a solid surface like granite or quartz from laminate you will need to either add a backsplash or fill in the height difference (typically ¾”).  Replacing everything at once has a greater impact.

A kitchen expansion can be a complete overhaul. I suggest you use an interior designer, kitchen designer, and/or architect and contractor for the best results.  If moving walls or building a full addition, you will need plans and a building permit. An engineer may also be needed. A new floor plan, demo plan, kitchen layout, etc must be created and all items listed above need to be selected. This takes a lot of time and research to coordinate and make everything flow to fully represent your vision. An expansion could take much longer so think about completion by Valentine’s Day or Easter.

Be prepared, something unexpected almost always happens! As we started renovations in a recent kitchen remodel we found that door and window frames, as well as part of the subfloor, were rotten and had to be replaced. No one could tell at the beginning of the project, but once demolition began the damage was evident. This added time and expense.

As an experienced interior design team we have completed kitchen renovations in six weeks, but I suggest allowing at least six months. Depending on the cabinetry selected and the broadness of your project, it may take even longer. If your dream is to have a new kitchen by winter holidays, the time to start planning is now!

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