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With 2019 set to be another great year for innovative, stylish interiors, we can’t wait to share our interior design trend forecast with you. If you’re wondering what color to paint your bedroom, what furniture to invest in or what the hottest new trend is going to be, this is the perfect article for you.

Will copper still be in? Is gray a color of the past? And what about millennial pink – is that still a thing? It’s the rundown that interiors enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting, so without further ado, we’re bringing 2019’s hottest interior trends straight to you. From on-trend color palettes to fashionable furniture, there’s a style to suit every taste. Including re-appearances from age-old aesthetics and bold interiors we’ve never seen before, take a look at our predictions for the interior design trends of 2019.


Step aside minimalist Scandi, there’s a new trend on the block, and it’s called Nordic Noir. The light and airy interiors we have grown to know and love will soon be updated with a modern, darker twist. However much we love Scandi interior design, there is most definitely an absence of coziness within such interiors, and that’s exactly what Nordic Noir delivers.

It’s a trend that’s been around for a little while, but we think there’ll be a lot more nods to the darker side of Scandinavian design in the year ahead of us. You can keep your Scandi furniture, but it’s time to start investing in some dark-colored paint. Deep colored walls paired with moody accessories and earthy furniture come together to create a cozy, calm space. A nod to Norwegian living and the cozy kind of minimalism we’ve been longing for.


The most-used room in the home, kitchens need to be warm, inviting and make a statement. With the recent rise in searches for black and navy blue kitchens, we’re pretty certain dark colors are going to become the new neutral when it comes to kitchen design. We’ve seen bold statement walls in other rooms throughout the home for a while now, but homeowners are set to become a little more daring when it comes to 2019 kitchen decor.

Whether it’s dark green cabinets paired with gold touches or navy blue walls complemented by wooden worktops, there’s something very intriguing about a dark colored kitchen – something for guests to remember you by. And, of course, for those who aren’t ready to dive straight in with the dark colors, half and half decor is the way to go. But, once you’ve dipped your toe in the dark side, you’re sure to be a convert!


The mermaid trend is here to stay and it’s moving from fashion accessories to home accessories. Throughout the last year, there’s been a lot of twee mermaid pieces in fashion stores, from shell bags to mermaid phone cases. And it’s looking like the under-the-sea trend is going to become a lot more prevalent within the interiors world in 2019.

With some less-twee, more stylish pieces arriving on the interiors scene, scalloped edges are looking to become very popular – from headboards to statement chairs, it’s an endearing trend that we can’t wait to see more of. We may even begin to see scalloped bathroom tiling, scalloped rugs, and scalloped dining room furniture. As an ode to The Little Mermaid, get ready to see a variety of scalloped pieces in the year ahead.


Spiced Honey is Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019, so we can expect to see lots of caramel latte and amber tones throughout interiors. The perfect warm neutral, Spiced Honey is extremely versatile, and paired with the right color palette it will make your room whatever you want it to be. Want a playful room? Add reds, oranges, yellows, and pink. Looking to create a tranquil environment? Pair with soft greens, greys, and lilac.

Be daring and add some brightly colored cushions or stay cool and pair with matching neutrals; whatever your style, Spiced Honey is a beautiful amber tone well-suited to a number of interior tastes. Fitting for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens alike, look out for lots more Spiced Honey interiors in the future.


Last year, statement marble surfaces were on top of the kitchen trends list, and in 2019 this popular stone trend is set to shower over the bathroom. Black and white marble basins, marble wall tiles and marble accessories are all going to be highly sought-after in the new year.

Modern, timeless and luxurious, marble is well-suited to a number of interior trends, from classic, traditional styles to minimalist and contemporary looks. Likewise, the classy stone is well-complemented by a number of color palettes. If you’re looking to update your bathroom interior in 2019, why not incorporate the marble trend? The stone finish really can be as subtle or stand-out as you like – from small marble touches in the form of a soap dispenser or toothbrush holder to show-stopping marble walls, the trend is suitable for all interior tastes.


Concrete has previously been a material that’s not to be left on show. It’s one that was only ever visible during the building stage of a home, in the form of concrete screed floor. But, with the rise in industrial interior design and rustic decor, concrete is fast becoming a material people want to decorate with. From polished concrete floors to statement concrete walls, we think the concrete trend is going to be big in the new year.

Easy to maintain (once correctly sealed), concrete adds texture to a space and works best in bathrooms and kitchens. That’s not to say the industrial-style material can’t be incorporated elsewhere in the home – there are plenty of concrete home furnishings on the market, from coffee tables to fireplaces and, of course, kitchen countertops. Complemented well by natural materials like wood and contrasting colors, the addition of concrete to your home design will keep you right on trend.


For fans of millennial pink, mint green, and lilac, you’ll be pleased to know, pastel colors are set to be on trend for 2019. They’ve been ‘in’ for a little while now, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of them going away, with many interior designers predicting that pastels are, instead, evolving. Replace pastel accessories with candy-floss-colored walls, as we see pastels become the new neutral.

The great thing about pastels is, whatever the shade, they complement one another so well. You could have a mint green wall with a pastel pink couch and washed-out yellow cushions. If you’ve ever wanted to paint your bedroom the color of a mystical, ice-cream colored unicorn, well 2019 is the time to do it. For a more stripped back look, you can simply add some pastel-colored accessories to create a minimalist modern space.


This luxurious fabric will be making an appearance in the interior design trends of 2019. The warming material is often seen within autumn/winter lookbooks amongst moody color palettes, but the fabric also has a very well deserved place within spring/summer interior decor too. Now the most-searched fabric online, we think that velvet is will bring a little bit of luxe to the interiors scene in 2019.

With this lavish fabric, you can instantly add sophistication to any room, from fancy velvet cushions to plush velvet couches and even velvet beds. Likewise, if you’re looking to add some texture to a room, you can incorporate velvet for a sumptuous look. Velvet looks simply fabulous in a number of colors, from emerald green and royal blue to pastel pink and mustard yellow; whatever your taste, velvet is a fabric not to be missed. 2019 is going to make velvet the must-have fabric for home furnishings.


It’s been a favorite interior style for at least the last three years now and, once again, the mid-century modern trend is going to continue into the new year. One of the easiest looks to incorporate into any space, mid-century modern has taken the interior design world by storm and is often seen in restaurants and salons, as well as home interiors.

The pared-back retro style features clean lines, simple shapes and natural elements like wood, leather, and cotton. Statement mid-century modern pieces include wooden tables or sideboards with tapered legs or brightly colored couches with wooden frameworks. It’s such a simple style and so easy to achieve – we believe that’s why it never goes out of fashion.


In the last few years, as a society, we have made an effort to be a little kinder to the environment. With this shift in consumer behavior, we’ve seen eco-friendly interiors, upcycling and the use of sustainable materials all become a lot more common within interior design. Consumers have become more interested in how and where materials are sourced and whether they are ethical and sustainable.

In 2019, expect to see this movement continue, with lots more sustainable fabrics being used. We are likely to see less real leather and fur and see a shift towards more animal-free fabrics. Organic and recycled materials like raw cotton and linen may also make an appearance in 2019’s interior design trends.

From interior design styles that have been around for a while, to those that are just beginning to make their mark in the interiors world, there are certainly some very exciting trends to look forward to in 2019. Whether you plan to redecorate your entire space, or simply add a few on-trend pieces to your home interior, we hope you’ve found lots of new ideas that’ll put you at the forefront of 2019’s interior design trends.

Article republished with permission.
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