HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM PART 3: Pictures & Final Measurements

How to Measure a Room Part 1 How to Measure a Room Part 2

We’re at the end of the room measuring journey! Taking pictures of your room helps us get a better idea of your space. We’ll compare measurements to what we see in the photos and let you know if there is anything that should be double checked. There are also a few additional measurements that help us determine if items will fit in your home.

Taking Pictures

PRO TIP: Take pictures in landscape view (horizontally) to get the best view of the full room 

  1. Take a picture of the room from all 4 corners
  2. Take a picture of each wall straight on, from the opposite wall. 
  3. Take pictures of any furniture pieces or rugs you plan to keep. Please take pictures of the piece in full as well as close-ups.
  4. If you know the paint color/s on walls, please provide us the name, color number, and company.
  5. Scan or take clear pictures of your drawings and email to your designer along with photos, and any additional notes that you think will be helpful.

Additional measurements: 

Measure the interior of the front door, width and height, and any narrow areas leading to the space being updated. Write these on a separate piece of paper along with a brief explanation of any narrow areas so we can be sure we will not have difficulty getting a furniture piece into the room. 


If you are working with a Henrietta Heisler Interiors, Inc. designer, submit your drawings, additional measurements and photos to them through email. We will then create a custom floor plan drawing, including furniture placement at recommended sizes that reflects the measurements and pictures you send to us.

Please call us at 717.295.0324 or contact us with any questions.