HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM PART 1: Creating a Floor Plan

How to Measure a Room Part 2 How to Measure a Room Part 3

You will need:

  • Paper (regular printer paper or graph paper)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Tape Measure (25ft).
  • Camera / Smart Phone

Let’s get started!

1. Identify the main or feature wall (perhaps the wall with a fireplace / bed / bay window, tv, etc.). Call this Wall A. 
Measure the overall length of Wall A – from wall to wall.
– a. Start in the left corner of Wall A and work clockwise around the room so nothing is missed.
– b. Draw a line on the paper to represent Wall A and write the wall´s length next to the line. It does not matter if the lines are out of proportion, accurate measurements are what is important!

2. Draw in locations of any fixed feature (fireplace/window, etc.) on the wall.
– a. For each feature, measure the distance from the left corner of your wall to the feature. Add measurement to drawing.
– b. Measure the width and depth of the feature. Add measurement to drawing.

PRO TIP: For doors and doorways: measure the opening width and depth, draw in the direction the door swings (into or out of the room), and note hinge side.

When measuring fireplaces, measure the width and depth of the hearth, surround and mantle.

– c. Measure the distance from the feature to the next wall, or next feature, until you reach the end of the wall – drawing in features and adding measurements as you go.

3. Draw the remaining walls of your room, labeling each wall with a different letter (B, C, D, etc.) 

4. Move on to the next wall, repeating steps 2 & 3: Measure all walls and feature widths and depths, drawing in features and recording measurements on your paper as you go.

5. Draw in and measure any furniture items you are keeping – such as sofas, tables, and chairs, as well as any rugs.

6. Finally, add a compass or otherwise mark where True North is located. Most smart phones include a compass app that you can use to find True North. This will help us understand what type of natural light will be coming into the space.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having correct measurements and highly recommend double checking all measurements!

Now that your basic room measurements are complete, you’re ready for Part 2!

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