Green: Color That Awakens

DSC_7790webGreen is a color associated with the new beginnings, newness, youth, freshness, nature, health and, in recent years, represents the eco-friendly movement. The variation you choose can greatly change the perception of your space, whether calm, quiet, soothing, or bold, trendy, even citrusy. Like red affects the brain, asking it to react, green affects our nervous system by slowing our breathing and reducing our production of stress hormones. It encourages peace, harmony and balance.

Fresh and lively bright green, kelly green, grass green reminds us of spring and renewal, adding freshness. Just bringing a few green plants indoors immediately brings in life, energy and allows you to reconnect with nature. With green’s rejuvenating properties it is a fantastic color for a bedroom, especially if that room has natural light. Go a little deeper in tone and you arrive at emerald. Just like the jewel, the color emerald feels luxurious and elegant. Darker still takes us to foliage (forest) and dark greens that are most associated with restoration, cool, rest, harmony, woodsy/earthiness, health and balance. Use these tones to create a soothing space, possibly in a reading nook or bedroom as an accent.

There are many other greens beyond these. Add yellow and get lime for a fresh, tart and youthful vibe. Add even more yellow for shocking, trendy chartreuse. Darken lime to arrive at olive, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, safari, camouflage and adventure! The more yellow there is in green, the more it communicates refreshment, new beginnings and life. Then there are aqua, turquoise and teal, tones of green mixed with variations of blue. Aqua, with it’s perceived lightness, is cool and cleansing, like water. Turquoise is protective, compassionate, tropical, oceanic. Teal is confident, more than either blue and green on their own. It evokes feelings of peace, brightness and sophistication. Be sure to use greens that have blue undertones in spaces with natural light. Without natural light to warm it up, bluer greens may make your space feel cold instead of cleansing.

Choosing green in your interior is a great way to bring the outdoors in and can liven up your space. Remember to think about what you want to feel in the room/s you are renovating when making your color decisions. If you are looking to infuse a feeling of freshness, compassion or elegance, a green may be the right choice for you! We would love to collaborate and find colors that inspire your interiors. To schedule a color consultation, call us: 717-295-0324 or email: