Amanda Bahn

Amanda Bahn, Interior Designer
Interior Designer

Amanda brings wide-ranging experiences and new resources to the team from her education in Philadelphia and London, through world travels, and her career in interior design that began in 2002. Working mainly in the corporate, healthcare, and multi-family sectors she has a broad portfolio that ranges from small budget public school projects to luxury residential apartments.

The psychology of design piqued Amanda’s interest in interior design… how color and light affect thoughts and emotions, how flow and shape help people work together better, and ultimately how to learn from oversights in design and construction industries to efficiently use resources. When asked why she chose this career, she pointed to how interior design engages both sides of the brain, saying: “Interior design is where science and art coalesce in the built environment. Building codes, budgets, and basic aesthetic principles provide a framework… But how can I do something that is beautiful, meaningful, and a little unexpected?”

This passion translates to her work. Believing that interior design is so much more than just aesthetics, Amanda aims to find the best ways for a design to improve the health and safety of occupants. This affects everything from indoor air quality or improving mental health, to creating beautiful lines of sight. 

She enjoys hand sketching immensely and utilizes it as a tool for concept development and visually communicating with clients and the team. In addition to these skills, her passion for design, along with her experience researching and specifying fixtures and furnishings, asking questions and listening to clients, and ability to think of creative, outside-the-box solutions are all incredible assets for our team.

Outside of design, Amanda is working on relearning Spanish (along with her kids), and looking to improve her hoop dancing. She is also an animal lover, volunteering for, donating to, and picking family pets from animal shelters.