Designing Vignettes

Sometimes giving your space a fresh new look can be as simple as creating well-designed focal areas, often referred to as vignettes, or “moments.” These areas are perfect to showcase a favorite item or continue a theme throughout your home or office. Start with an item that you love, then add other pieces that feel right, based on the tips below.


Combine Items with Similar Shapes at Varying Sizes – Shape repetition and/or multiples of the same item create a graphic appeal. Using items with similar shapes, but at varying sizes, stagger items to create interest. Odd numbers of items create more visual interest and appear more balanced.


Create a Triangle / Pyramid – A triangle shaped vignette helps define what is most important. Plan the highest point at the center and reduce the height of the items at the outer edges. Also, start with the largest or tallest item in the back and add layers that become smaller as you move forward.


Use a Variety of Textures – Textured items are visually interesting and using a variety helps to create depth, adding dimension to flat spaces. It also allows for combinations of items to work that wouldn’t normally fit together.