Creatively Find Storage This Fall

It’s that time of year again: summer is wrapping up, school is about to start, and many of us are thinking about the flurry of activity to come. Seasonal changes signal the start of new morning routines, a warmer wardrobe, and tidying up after the fun of summer. Luckily there are many design solutions to incorporate storage into our homes, including decorative items.

Decorative items with storage are fantastic finds – like this armoire in the Pineapple Manor Showhouse. Photo by Donovan Witmer.

Try using large sea grass baskets in groups of two or three in unused corners to hold magazines, scarves, hats, and children’s toys – neatly fill without overflowing. Made to fit every style, baskets and bins can sit independently or on shelves and come in an unending number of shapes, colors, and materials such as collapsible fabric, wicker, wire, and wood.

Convert an empty dormer into built-in shelving, desk or storage bench. If there is room, I often use storage benches at the foot of a bed. A narrow occasional table behind the sofa is always a great place to store or display special pieces. In the kitchen, use decorative crocks to store utensils, and vertical rails to hang them – freeing up drawer space. Use glass jars for dry goods, clear canisters and painted pails for extra supplies, or even turn a ladder into shelves. In bathrooms, use baskets for towels and add recessed niches behind mirrors to create medicine cabinets.

The stunning sliver piece on the right folds open to become a spacious desk! Photo by Justin Tearney.

Update your room’s layout to create areas for new storage – try it on your own or bring in a professional to maximize space. Add shelves or drawers to the areas above, next to, or under stairs. Try an ottoman with storage as a coffee table. Search for a new multipurpose piece, like a desk/TV cabinet with additional storage. Other furniture like armoires, shelving units, and utility carts are fantastic, customizable additions. Tool chests, suitcases, and ottomans make excellent side tables.

Tucked away stacks of plastic storage bins with lids also have their place (you should see our design library!) but when thinking about organizing this fall, see if you are willing to get a little adventurous and incorporate storage into your decor!