Warming Up with Interior Design

With cooler weather come lots of opportunities to warm up our home design. Read on for great tips on how to stay toasty this fall and winter. One of our favorite ways to warm is by adding textile layers. Keep optional throws and quilts out in the open by hanging them on armchairs and couches,… Read more »

Mid-Mod – A Lasting Trend!

I was recently in upstate NY and found myself gazing into a cool vintage shop, thinking I spied an original Egg Chair, a Mid-century modern furniture piece designed the year I was born by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. What a find! Mid-century modern furniture is known for its sleek, simple lines, ode to nature and… Read more »

Closet Design Basics

This summer I visited friends in St. Paul, Minnesota and toured a beautifully restored mansion built by James J. Hill and his wife. The 36,000 square foot, over-the-top home features intricately carved mahogany details, crystal chandeliers, a three-story pipe organ and grand everything. Even the closets and storage were amazing and very organized, especially considering… Read more »

Tips for Glowing Hardwood Floors

Most houses in School Lane Hills have beautiful wood floors – however, many have not had the proper care to show it! Following are a few tips to keep your wood floors looking great for a long time. Vacuum or sweep wood floors regularly with a soft-bristled attachment or broom. This prevents gritty dirt and… Read more »

Create Harmony, Strength and Sophistication

I am often asked: What colors are “in” right now? There are a variety of areas where color trends show up. I’m sure you’ve recently observed stores, ads and magazines filled with clothing, home furniture and accessories softened by an ethereal dusty pink. Charcoal gray walls paired with a dusty rose sofa can be stunning…. Read more »