Creatively Find Storage This Fall

It’s that time of year again: summer is wrapping up, school is about to start, and many of us are thinking about the flurry of activity to come. Seasonal changes signal the start of new morning routines, a warmer wardrobe, and tidying up after the fun of summer. Luckily there are many design solutions to… Read more »

Sustainable Innovations for Interiors on the Rise

Using green, sustainable, Fair Trade (GSFT) products and materials are increasing in popularity and use across all industries, and interior design is no exception. By using environmentally sustainable products we can do our part to reduce energy consumption, use of natural resources, and lessen toxins for our clients and others that use the spaces we… Read more »

Tell Your Story with Unique Pieces

Do you have a pair of shoes, eyeglasses, or a jacket that others covet? Of course you do, some of us have many items and some a few. It always feels great when someone admires something you are wearing. It provides us with a sense of pride, boosts our confidence for the day, and can… Read more »

The Values of Home Staging

Planning the next step in life and thinking about selling your home in the near future? Should you invest in professional staging? Realtors agree staging by a professional designer or stager is necessary and valuable. Potential buyers entering a home need to visualize themselves and their belongings in each space. In a recent survey, 81%… Read more »

5 Tips to Transform Your Interiors

You may have heard that well designed interior spaces can transform lives. What can be done to improve an interior space? There are many features that can be updated in your home or office to enhance quality of life. A thought out interior environment can improve health, wellbeing and productivity. Read on for some easy… Read more »