The Return of Wallpaper

Revamping the walls in an interior space is one of the easiest ways to change the entire appearance of your home. Paints and wainscoting are typically considered more decorative options, but bespoke, or custom ordered, wallpaper designs are able to create a more personal connection between a homeowner and the appearance of their home. Digital… Read more »

The Future’s Living Space

What if an interior designer had a time machine, and traveled to the future? What would he or she say about the homes? Would the designer have a light bulb moment and exclaim “I knew homes were going in this direction!” In a way, an effective interior designer must have access to some kind of… Read more »

The Alarm Clock is Screaming at You; It is Time to Renovate Your Home

The scenario   The alarm clock is screaming at you.  You hear your kids romping around.  Your significant other has already left for work.  You slowly lean up and rub your eyes.  The sun is trying to high five you, but you’re unresponsive.  You leave it hanging.  It will be upset with you for the… Read more »


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