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  • Meet Our New Interior Design Intern: Danielle
    We are thrilled to introduce Danielle Kintzer, our talented new intern at Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Danielle joins us for the summer, bringing her passion for architectural design and a fresh perspective to our team. About Danielle Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania Education: Marywood University, Interior Architecture Educational Background Danielle is currently pursuing her degree in Interior Architecture at Marywood University. Her academic journey… Read more »
  • A Guide to Creating a Luxurious Interior Design
    In the realm of interior design, luxury isn’t just about opulence and extravagance; it’s about crafting a space that exudes comfort, sophistication, and refinement. Whether you’re aiming to infuse a touch of luxury into your home or completely overhaul your space with a lavish aesthetic, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you achieve that coveted upscale feel. 1. Define Your Style:Before diving… Read more »
  • Navigating Your Design Journey: A Peek into Our Process
    Embarking on a design project can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you’re refreshing your living space or workplace, the journey from envisioning to execution involves creativity, collaboration and careful planning. At Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc., we’ve mastered a methodical approach to the design process that is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. 1. Initial Conversation: Building the Foundation We believe… Read more »
  • Crafting Your Dream Bathroom
    A Comprehensive Guide to Remodeling Success Embarking on a bathroom remodel is an exciting journey that allows you to transform a functional space into a personalized oasis tailored to your needs and style preferences. Studies have shown that people spend over 30 minutes in the bathroom per day! That’s why it’s so important to have a bathroom you love. However, with so… Read more »
  • Welcome, Chelsea!
    Chelsea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, class of 2014. Her studies focused on environmental psychology, examining the profound effects interior spaces have on our well-being. Her holistic approach to design is tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle and preferences. Her commitment extends beyond surface aesthetics, emphasizing the power of space planning and the finer… Read more »
  • Creating a Pet Paradise: A Guide to Making Your Home Pawsitively Pet-Friendly
    Welcome to a world where your home is not just a living space for you but a cozy haven for your furry companions. Making your home pet-friendly is more than just a trend; it’s about creating a space where both you and your pets can thrive. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips and creative ideas to turn your home into… Read more »
  • Transforming Spaces: A Modern Interior Design Project
    Embarking on a recent interior design project was an adventure. Our task was to breathe new life into a home, enhancing its layout and aesthetics. From furniture design to updating the kitchen and creating a cozy living room, every detail was carefully considered to craft a space that was both functional and inviting. Furniture Design and Placement: One of the first challenges… Read more »
  • Welcome to the team, Daniel!
    ¡Bienvenido a HHII Interiors, Daniel Loaiza! Meet Daniel Loaiza, an Architectural/Structural drafter celebrated for his innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail. Originally hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Daniel pursued his education in Digital Multimedia Design in Cali, Colombia. With a solid foundation in Customer Service and a decade of experience in drafting design, Daniel brings a unique skill set to the table…. Read more »
  • Crafting a Unique Ambiance: The Coffin Bar Restaurant Design Project
    In the dynamic world of hospitality, creating a distinctive atmosphere is crucial for a restaurant’s success. At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, we recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for “The Coffin Bar,” a one-of-a-kind establishment that sought to emphasize a unique theme in both its interior design and overall ambiance. In this blog post, we’ll take you through our… Read more »
  • Improving Walk-In Closet Layout
    If you’re looking to enhance the layout of your walk-in closet for better organization and functionality, consider these tips and ideas: Remember that the key to a well-organized closet is not just about adding more space but using it effectively. Keep your walk-in closet tidy and well-maintained, and it will make getting ready a breeze.
  • Embracing Opulence: A Glimpse into Our Award-Winning $150,000+ Luxurious Bathroom Design
    We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our interior design company has been awarded first place at the NBKA Susquehanna Valley chapter for our breathtaking, opulent bathroom design. Valued at an impressive $150,000+, this luxurious bathroom is the epitome of lavishness and comfort, showcasing an array of exquisite features that redefine the concept of indulgence. Elegance in Marble:The foundation of this luxurious… Read more »
  • Transforming a Builder-Grade Bathroom into Modern Elegance
    Your bathroom is a sanctuary, a place of retreat where you start and end your day. It’s no wonder that bathroom renovations have gained immense popularity over the years. The transformation of a builder-grade bathroom into a modern and sleek oasis is a testament to the power of design and innovation. In this article, we will take you through a remarkable bathroom… Read more »
  • Rustic Charm Meets Functionality: A Log Cabin Bathroom Renovation
    Henrietta Heisler Interiors recently completed a stunning bathroom renovation project in a log cabin house. Embracing the natural aesthetic, the design team incorporated the existing logs and opted for slate-colored tiles. The renovation aimed to maximize the limited space while blending functionality and rustic charm. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable transformation. Preserving Nature’s Beauty: To maintain the authentic log… Read more »
  • Kitchen Renovation: Blending Functionality and Natural Charm
    At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, we recently had the pleasure of working on a kitchen renovation project that perfectly encapsulated the beauty of nature and the desire for a more open space. Our clients, residing in a charming log cabin by the lake, wanted to enhance the natural aesthetic while ensuring their kitchen met their practical needs. Embracing Openness with Open Shelving One… Read more »
  • The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Interior Design: Creating an Unforgettable Dining Experience
    Rendering for Our Town Brewery created by Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Restaurant interior design plays a crucial role in creating a memorable dining experience for customers. It goes beyond just aesthetics; it sets the mood, enhances comfort, and reflects the brand’s identity. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or revamping an existing space, understanding the dos and don’ts of restaurant interior design… Read more »
  • The Power of Interior Design
    Welcome to the world of interior design, where creativity meets functionality to transform spaces into stunning works of art. In this article, we will explore the latest trends, projects, and products in the interior design industry. From cutting-edge designs to timeless classics, we’ll delve into the world of interior design to inspire and inform you. So, let’s dive in and discover the… Read more »
  • Elevate Your Business: The Power of Interior Design in Commercial Spaces
    In the world of business, the first impression is often the lasting one. And when it comes to leaving a lasting impression, the design of your commercial space plays a pivotal role. Beyond aesthetics, interior design for commercial spaces influences employee productivity, customer experiences, and the overall success of your business. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of interior design in… Read more »
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Timeless Interior Design
    In the ever-evolving world of interior design, trends come and go like seasons. What’s in vogue today may become passé tomorrow, leaving homeowners with a space that feels outdated. While trends have their place in the world of design, there’s something truly special about creating interiors that stand the test of time. Welcome to the realm of timeless interior design, where classic… Read more »
  • Elevate Your Space: Transform Your Home with Our Expert Interior Design Services
    Are you looking to revitalize your living space, infusing it with style, functionality, and a touch of your unique personality? Look no further! Our interior design company is here to turn your dream home into a stunning reality. Why Choose Our Interior Design Services? When it comes to creating interiors that inspire and captivate, our team of experienced professionals is second to… Read more »
  • Welcoming Natalia Latsios: Igniting Innovation in Business Development and Marketing
    We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our dynamic team, Natalia Latsios, a seasoned professional with a rich background in real estate and a passion for nurturing thriving client relationships. With over 7 years of experience as a successful real estate agent in Lancaster, and 15 years in entrepreneurship, Natalia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will undoubtedly… Read more »
  • Crossings At Conestoga Creek
  • Spring Furniture Trends
    Spring Interior Design Furniture Trends.
  • Downtown Penthouse
    Designed by Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc.
  • A Legacy Eatery
    Designed by Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. If you are looking to design or renovate a restaurant of any size we are here to help.
  • A Revitalizing Moment
    A Fresh Take on Contemporary Design.
  • A Modern Renovation With A Neutral Palette
    Designed by Jena Murphy for Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney
  • An Energetic Refresh
    A Modern, Streamlined Commercial Space Designed by Nichole Hollinger for Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney
  • An Award-Winning Small Bathroom Design
    This compact Jack and Jill Bathroom won second place for Secondary Bathroom Category at the 2023 NKBA Professional Design Awards. Designed by Nichole Hollinger for Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney The objective for this compact 85 square foot Jack & Jill Bathroom was to provide updated functionality and a visual experience for the homeowner. The main design challenge of… Read more »
  • Design for Modern Living
    A Contemporary Condo with a clean and modern aesthetic. Designed by Henrietta Heisler and Jena Murphy for Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney. 101NQ Living An interior design plan with an emphasis on natural lighting, ease of movement, and elevated living.
  • 3 Design Trends You Can Implement Immediately.
    With a gamut of design trends constantly shifting and morphing, we are sharing a few of our favorite design trends that can withstand the test of time and will keep your interiors relevant. When it comes to design trends, our Residential Interior Designer, Jena Murphy recommends starting with subtle details and design elements as a trial. By adding a touch of paint… Read more »
  • Case Study: The Lincoln Center
    Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Designed by Nichol Hollinger for Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney. THE LINCOLN CENTER (TLC) is a social enterprise company serving the Greater Philadelphia Area. Founded in 1970 by a behavioral health hospital, TLC is an entrepreneurial nonprofit providing innovative education, coaching, and counseling services to individuals and families, as well as grant writing and management… Read more »
  • Tiffany Blue Kitchen
    Designed by Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc. Photographed by Justin Tearney The Objective The objective of this luxury kitchen renovation was to transform a 30-year-old, closed off kitchen into a brighter, more contemporary working triangle with excellent storage space. We worked closely with our clients to create a plan for better flow and a more sophisticated ambiance for entertaining. For this renovation we… Read more »
  • The Historic Revitalization of a Downtown Cornerstone.
    This historic building, once neglected and underused, now shines like a beacon at the corner of West Walnut and North Prince Street, sitting on a prime intersection at the gateway to downtown Lancaster and its thriving arts community. In 2017 Henrietta Heisler purchased the historic building. The restoration work needed was substantial. However, as the renovation commenced, it was as though this… Read more »
  • An Unrecognizable Professional Kitchen Renovation; Before and After
    Turning a dull kitchen into a sun-soaked place to gather. Kitchen renovation demands a professional. There are a few rooms in the home that demand a professional’s expertise and the kitchen, being the heart of the home, is one of them. By hiring an interior design professional, one with reliable customer testimonies and reputable vendor relationships, you can not only build your… Read more »
  • 8 Interior Design Trends for 2022
    The holiday remodeling bug should be hitting you soon enough. Far too many homeowners looking to redesign a space in their house contact us in the 3rd quarter wanting a new kitchen or bathroom by the holidays. By that time, it’s too late. If you want a brand-new dining room to host Thanksgiving dinner, now is the time to start planning! To… Read more »
  • Interior Design for Basements with Low Light
    We are sharing our Interior Design know-how tactics to increase the brightness of a room with little to no natural lighting. Interior Designer Jena Murphy from the HHII team is shedding light on the best ways to brighten up a dimly lit room. 1. What are some different lighting options you consider when designing for a space with low light? Ambient lighting is usually the first… Read more »
  • Case Study: Columbia Place
    Over the last year we have had the pleasure of working with the Reybold Group in planning an active adult community of luxury townhouses, single-family homes and condos. The Columbia Place development is strategically located in the Talleyville area of Wilmington, DE, with an easy commute to Philadelphia, West Chester, Maryland, and beaches. The site is nearly 15 acres and has a… Read more »
  • Standing Up to Racism
    Following the tragic killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many other black men and women, our team has been confronting the realities of systemic, institutionalized racism. Our eyes are being opened to the bias that exists in our everyday lives, our privilege, as well as discrimination in our industry. It has taken us a long time to share this… Read more »
  • HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM PART 3: Pictures & Final Measurements
    We’re at the end of the room measuring journey! Now it’s time for photos and final measurements that help to ensure that new items will fit in your home.
  • HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM PART 2: Create an Elevation
    A useful measuring guide, learn how to create you own room elevation drawing.
  • HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM PART 1: Creating a Floor Plan
    Use this easy guide to create an accurate floor plan.
  • A Thoughtful Compact Laundry Room
    This little laundry room uses hidden tricks to modernize and maximize limited space. The main wall features bumped out upper cabinets above the sink for increased storage. Next to the cabinets are open shelves that allow space for the air vent on the back wall. This fan was faux painted to match the cabinets – blending in so well you wouldn’t even… Read more »
  • 2020 Colors of the Year
    One of the quickest and simplest ways to update your home is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Color has the power to transform a room, whether it’s a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. No matter which room you’re in, adding a new color to your walls is the perfect way to make a striking change. And because… Read more »
  • Interior Design Trends 2019
    Republished with permission. Original article published on With 2019 set to be another great year for innovative, stylish interiors, we can’t wait to share our interior design trend forecast with you. If you’re wondering what color to paint your bedroom, what furniture to invest in or what the hottest new trend is going to be, this is the perfect article for… Read more »
  • Tips to Brighten Your Spaces
    The days are slowly getting longer and we can’t wait until there is more natural light streaming in our windows! In the meantime, our thoughts turn to brightening spaces indoors. Selecting the right light fixtures are crucial to the feel of your space – the fixture shouldn’t overpower, but needs to be large enough to balance the room. Correct sizing depends on… Read more »
  • Top Trends from High Point
    Fall High Point Market is the industry’s largest home furnishings trade show, with almost 2000 exhibitors. It is full of innovative products and sneak peeks of what’s to come. While there we noticed some trends sticking around and others undergoing transformation. In the color arena, we took note that though beige has been predicted to replace grey as everyone’s favorite neutral, grey isn’t… Read more »
  • Creating Comfort in Cramped Spaces
    We have all felt that we could use a little more space. If you’ve already cleared out your clutter, and you’re still feeling cramped, it may be time to redesign, to create a look and feel that is more expansive without moving walls. One of the ways to make a room feel larger is to draw the eye up. Accent ceilings have… Read more »
  • Express Yourself Through Maximalism
    As predicted, maximalism is one of this year’s biggest trends, bringing fun and happiness into our interiors. We’re seeing it at tradeshows, in furniture design, fabric and wallpaper prints, and accessories. Maximalism embraces the delicate and intricate, the bold and contrasting, with luxurious fabric, rich color, metallic accents, and layered patterns. It says “more is more” in contrast to minimalism’s “less is… Read more »
  • Avoid Common Color Pitfalls
    Color is powerful, evokes strong emotions, and alters moods. Bold colors and large prints are “in” right now, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon! These colors come with their own challenges though. What should you pay attention to when updating to a more energetic color scheme? Yellow is timeless, optimistic, stimulating, and cheerful, but the wrong shade can be… Read more »
  • Creatively Find Storage This Fall
    It’s that time of year again: summer is wrapping up, school is about to start, and many of us are thinking about the flurry of activity to come. Seasonal changes signal the start of new morning routines, a warmer wardrobe, and tidying up after the fun of summer. Luckily there are many design solutions to incorporate storage into our homes, including decorative… Read more »