Back to School, Back to Bed – Bedroom Trends for Fall

Now that the summer season has wound down and children are back at school, it’s time to gear up for the cooler weather that comes with the fall season. Back-to-school season meant new clothes, new backpacks and new school supplies for the kids, but it can also be a great time to do something new for yourself while the kids are out of the house – like remodeling!

It’s time to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation, comfort and serenity. For those considering an overhaul of their sleeping space, let’s look at a few of the custom bedroom design trends for fall.

Use Soothing, Well-Blended ColorsSoothing Bedroom Colors

After a hard day at work or school, coming home to a serene, tranquil bedroom is the key to relaxation. Houzz suggests, in its look at colors to set a calming mood, that colors such as light purples, creams and soft greens can create a retreat-like atmosphere. Deep browns and grays can be sophisticated and soothing, as well. A color change is perfect for fall and winter, when you will be spending more time indoors and out of the cold. The more peaceful and inviting your bedroom space is, the more bearable winter will be.

Better Bedding

2016 is the year for adding comfortable bedding to your bedroom, like soft fabrics made of cotton and other natural fibers. Custom bedding is a great option to increase your comfort. Choose fabrics that are soft to the touch and in a solid color to blend or contrast your walls. To add a little extra life, include fluffy, textural pillows that look and feel luxurious. A single-roll pillow in an accent color sets off the bedding, while a throw at the bottom of the bed that is a few shades lighter or darker works great as well.

Express Yourself

Custom-designed bedrooms that reflect your personality and lifestyle are trending this fall. Your bedroom should be a place where you feel welcome, safe, cozy and content, and creating a space that reflects your passions and interests is a great way to achieve this goal. At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, we can help create a customized space with the design elements and features that really speak to you, helping you get the exact look you’ve been wishing for!

Create Your Own Headboard

Rest your head exactly where you like with a custom-made headboard, a trend Decoist claims is making waves in 2016. With the ability to add your own style and flair to this important bedroom centerpiece, you will change your resting place from drab to fab this fall. Think about utilizing different materials and sizes, or even look at incorporating unique elements like a container for evening books or TV remotes to design the headboard of your dreams. Upholstered headboards are terrific for reading in bed. We can design a one-of-a-kind piece and work with an excellent craftsman to create it just for you!

Add in Some Matte Finishes

According to Elle Décor, matte finishes are all the rage in 2016. Oxidized metals, matte glazes and chalk-finish paints are popping up in bedrooms around the country. Consider adding matte-finished décor to your bedroom, painting walls with a faux finish, or covering walls with wallpaper or some other new and exciting material.

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