A Thoughtful Compact Laundry Room

This little laundry room uses hidden tricks to modernize and maximize limited space.

Compact laundry room with blue grey cabinets - small lower cabinet on left with sink, washer and dryer to right. White and blue tile backsplash, blue grey upper cabinets.
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The main wall features bumped out upper cabinets above the sink for increased storage. Next to the cabinets are open shelves that allow space for the air vent on the back wall. This fan was faux painted to match the cabinets – blending in so well you wouldn’t even know it’s there!

Between the cabinetry and blue fantasy marble countertop sits a luxuriously tiled backsplash. This beautiful backsplash hides the door to necessary valves, its outline barely visible while allowing easy access. 

Custom storage cabinets, hanging racks, ironing board cupboard, and hook hanger.

Opposite the washing machine and dryer, custom cabinetry was added on both sides of an ironing board cupboard. Another thoughtful addition is a space for a hook to help lift clothes to the hanging rack. 

Making the room brighter are light, textured walls, under cabinet, and updated lighting. Though you can’t see it in the photos, one more trick was used: the entrance door was changed to smaller french doors, so when open, they are not in the middle of the room. Door backs are covered in the same wallpaper as the rest of the room – making the doors look like part of the room, and increasing available space.