5 Tips to Transform Your Interiors

You may have heard that well designed interior spaces can transform lives. What can be done to improve an interior space? There are many features that can be updated in your home or office to enhance quality of life. A thought out interior environment can improve health, wellbeing and productivity. Read on for some easy ways to update an interior.

1 – DECLUTTER– Take inventory of the items in your home or office and clear out what is not necessary or relevant. This does not have to be an overwhelming task! Take it slowly by going through one closet, one filing cabinet, or room at a time. Removing unnecessary items will allow your mind to be less cluttered too.

2 – ARTWORK – Change your artwork or rearrange existing artwork. It is amazing how impactful this small change can be on your sensibilities. We have so many great artists in Lancaster, PA, it’s easy to “go local” with art! Choose items that truly speak to you to give your home a unique look. There is a quarterly auction at Boltz Auction where you can sell the artwork you are replacing.

Adding windows to garage door panels at Root, a vegan restaurant in downtown Lancaster, PA, brightens the entire space.

– Bring nature indoors with plants and water features. Try allowing better views of the outdoors by adjusting lighting and window treatments to reflect a better day/night cycle. These changes will make everyone happier and more comfortable. Here’s a tip:  Paint your porch ceiling with a sky-blue color to help reflect light into your home more naturally.  You may even decide to remodel to provide more natural light by taking down a wall, expanding a doorway, or creating a bigger window.

4 – PAINT – A nice coat of fresh paint is a great pick me up for any project. Add a bright accent wall with a vibrant paint color or unexpected large print wallpaper. Adding your accent on the ceiling is a nice unexpected pop as well.

5 – MIX colors, styles, textures and patterns –mix modern with traditional. You will be happiest when you love everything in your space. Even making a small change may be just what you need to start your transformation!