2017 Spring Furniture Trends

At various furniture trade shows, we’ve seen a mixing of everything: colors, styles and texture. Carefully mixing period style antiques with transitional pieces is a great look and is trending. The newest designs are copies of old world furniture made modern with a multitude of colors, glossy finishes, and unique hardware. Mixing styles allows you […]

Top Bathroom Trends

Last month I discussed kitchen trends found at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). In this article, I’ll share bathroom trends and new innovations I marveled at during the show. Our bathrooms are often the first and the last rooms we see before heading out or retiring. They should be special. So many new […]

Kitchen Trends + New Tech

This January I attended the Kitchen and Bath show in Orlando, FL where I saw a lot of new and original designs. Clean, contemporary and transitional designs with function as the focus are trending. Similar to the furniture industry, Post Modern and Industrial styles are continuing to be popular. Metal cabinets, mixed woods and painted, […]

Enhancing Space with Rugs

You may have noticed that rug styles have drastically changed since Oriental rugs had their heyday. (Of course some traditional homes use Oriental rugs perfectly!) Today’s rug styles feature large prints, multi-colored patterns and shag. Some modern rugs also mix texture, using both cut pile and loop construction. There are some basic rules when choosing […]

Uplifting & Renewing Colors Trending for 2017

A new year is upon us and we are ready to be renewed! So what are the 2017 color trends that will refresh your spaces? “Color of the Year” predictions were once a monopoly of Pantone®, but now paint companies are picking them too. Sherwin Williams® has selected “Poised Taupe” which is a very safe […]


Houzz has named Henrietta Heisler Interiors, Inc Best of Customer Service for 2017! We are so excited to have been selected for this award from the Houzz community! Take a look at our projects at Houzz.com: https://www.houzz.com/pro/henriettaheisler/henrietta-heisler-interiors-inc

Holiday Pet Safety

The Holidays are almost here! We are planning on decorating our homes with flowers, ornaments and candles, so everything looks and smells festive. It is a hectic but exciting time as we prepare for family and friends to share good times in our beautiful homes! We also share holidays with our furry friends and some […]

Color Tip: The 60-30-10 Rule

What does 60-30-10 mean? It’s a tried-and-true interior design formula: 60% of a space should be a dominant color, 30% a secondary color and 10% the accent color. This formula works because it creates a sense of balance and allows the eye to move comfortably from one focal point to the next. The easiest way […]

Just Look Up!

The design world is transforming ceilings in a multitude of ways and creatively designed ceilings are trending. Let’s give up the standard white rectangle over our heads and give everyone a reason to look up and be inspired. Create an original design with ceiling tiles, paint, faux paint or wallpaper. Here are some basic considerations. […]

Back to School, Back to Bed – Bedroom Trends for Fall

Now that the summer season has wound down and children are back at school, it’s time to gear up for the cooler weather that comes with the fall season. Back-to-school season meant new clothes, new backpacks and new school supplies for the kids, but it can also be a great time to do something new for yourself while the […]

Styling Your Bookshelves

Do you have that one special piece or a whole house full of special items? I think each and every one of us has walked into a home or office and been wowed by a featured piece of artwork or furniture.  When I purchased my School Lane Hills house 17 years ago the owner had […]

Accentuating Your Accent

When an accent wall is done correctly it can be a wonderful design feature, creating a focal point and accentuating existing architecture. Unfortunately, it can be hard to choose the correct wall and we have seen more than a few homes with a randomly selected accent wall that does not benefit the room’s design. Below are […]

Creating a Fantastic Family Space

At Henrietta Heisler Interiors, Inc we take time to understand our client’s needs and find personalized, creative and innovative design solutions.  We recently had an out-of-state client who bought a very dated home on a beautiful lot. They felt that the home could be renovated and hired us after reading positive reviews on Houzz.com. The […]

Is It Time for a New Kitchen?

During the summer months, people start to think about the approaching holiday season even though the temperature might be 85 degrees or hotter. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah (or whichever winter holiday you celebrate) are only a few months away. The pending holiday often spurs on thoughts of updating ones space. If you are thinking of […]

Updating Your Outdoor Space

Summer is here and our attention has turned to barbecuing with friends, reading books on the deck, patio or sun porch, lounging in a favorite chair, and sipping an iced tea. When we uncover or pull out our furniture to get it ready, yikes, it’s time for an updated look! What about reupholstering with new fabrics? The […]

Spring Decluttering Tips

One of the new phenomenons today is decluttering your life, sometimes called “spring cleaning.” Years of collecting clothing and purchasing items for your home and along comes a book, now on the New York Times best-sellers list, about decluttering one’s home by Marie Kondo. She has a step by step method for decluttering. I decided to […]

Kitschy Kitchens – Hot Cabinet Trends

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the room in your home where you can dine with your family, where you host holiday dinners, where you create recipes that get passed down from generation to generation – it’s where you make memories. With the kitchen being one of the most important rooms in […]

HHII Tips! Furniture Arrangement

If you recently purchased a home or want to redesign a room, are you overwhelmed with the possibilities and insecurities of furniture arrangement? There is hope! With tape measure, paper and pencil in hand, draw your room and consider the following guidelines: Determine room size and use. Measure the dimensions of the hallways, stairs, and […]

Design Redefined: At the Las Vegas Furniture Market

Hello, This is our first column of “Design Redefined”, a monthly article we hope will bring you valuable design information. In January, I attended the 2016 Las Vegas Furniture Market. It features furniture and accessories from thousands of trend setting vendors and is such an exciting time! I brought one of my newest designers with me. […]

Interior Design Trends for 2016

Interior design is an ever-changing and constantly evolving industry. As lifestyles change, homes and offices grow in size or scale down to meet the needs of every individual – often leading to a need for a makeover. The beauty of interior design is that the process and final product is intended to fit each space […]