Customer Testimonials

Knowing that style is a choice and not a price tag, Henrietta creates beautiful, high quality results. The following testimonial sheds light on Henrietta’s abilities:

I get goose bumps every time I walk into my home. The colors are absolutely beautiful!!! I have given your name to so many people….raving about the colors you put together.

The work you did for us at Bob & Angela’s was wonderful, and they love the space!
Very Sincerely,
D. P. Gallagher and Sons/ Builder


I so love our place! I’m really enjoying living here. I get nothing but compliments. I’m always looking around thinking, “WOW”! I can’t believe how Henrietta re-worked the space to give us maximum room. And the color scheme is awesome!”
So I thank you again for all your hard work (and genius). We still haven’t gotten the stairs finished yet, but it’s starting to be worked on (soon). The first door was put in though. Keep in touch.
Ted & Cathy

Just wanted to let you know that my husband liked the new furniture placement!!! It really has made a nice difference in the way we view the back of the house as a whole

Hello Henrietta,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my home yesterday and listen to all my crazy stories. Many times when I deal with a client I find I hear many stories, but it also helps me have a better understanding of their needs. I truly appreciate your ideas and not making me feel like I have absolutely no clue (which I well may not and fine if I don’t thank you for not making me feel that way!) You provided alternative ideas I would have never thought of. I started to research egress windows. Safety is most important to me. Thank you for that insight.


Diane and I really enjoyed working with you as you chose wallcoverings for the Mountville Fulton branch.


I love how our house looks great and couldn’t have done it without your patient and talented help. Hope we run into each other now and then to catch up. Take care of yourself and thanks again.


Barrett and I treasure our relationship with you and we are just happy we could get you to come. I hope you liked your colors, every person that enters our little beach shack immediately positively comments on the vibrant colors. You did that for us.
-Robert A Brandt, Jr
Chairman of the Board

Thank you Henrietta. I’ve wanted to write you a proper thank you for all your wonderful contributions to the home. Your touches have made it truly special. I appreciate all you’ve done.
-Susan H


Just a quick note to say thank you for helping to make our new home beautiful… You did a fabulous job with color selections and designs. I am totally pleased with the appearance of our house- thanks to you. I would highly recommend your services to anybody. Thanks again.

I love the new space you created. Thanks again for my beautiful new down stairs. I enjoy it every evening.
– Kathleen O

WOW!  Is the only word that says it all —-You truly are a gifted designer and what a pleasure it must be for your client, the chef, to enjoy his kitchen!

Overall, we just love the new bedroom suite, everything turned out great! The bathroom turned out as we imagined it would, the closet is fantastic and of course we love the new bedroom with the windows and the tray ceiling with the lighting (very cool!) Thank you for the design you did, it really turned out as we imagined.
-Bill and Winni Allison

We’re saying it again. We’re so glad that we met you and for the help you gave us. You have saved us lots of agony and money. We could use more help. How long would it take you to redesign the bathroom?

-Client 2012

Thanks for the TERRIFIC JOB you all did in the Green Committee booth! It was fantastic and a lot of people stopped to take a look.  It was first class and a job well done. Thanks again for your commitment to the ABC green committee.  I believe the excellent job you do as volunteers will come back to you in the form of future profitable work because your professionalism shines through.
-D. Graham

The Remax Office looked great. I am sure you must feel very pleased with the results. I thought the glass doors were a particularly nice way of making things seem more open and brighter. Congratulations again,
Warm regards,
W. Pelham

Dear Henrietta,
No thanks necessary- you’ve earned the distinction.

“Henrietta listened to my vision of our business model. She translated the vision to paper, then to reality in terms of layout, colors and design elements. As if that wasn’t enough, she was there to assist throughout the entire process, including the hard work when minor adjustments had to be made to stay within the predicted outcome. Her passion for what she does and partnering approach is something missing all too often in a business transaction. We will incorporate her into our business model as a “tier 1” member of the Fresco Green approach! I liked her style, execution and passion. Hire her so she can our materials to make your lifestyle more enjoyable!”
-Rick. Frescatore (Fresco Green)

Ahhh. But let’s not forget the skills of the designer who captured that concept with her design. Henrietta Heisler, Henrietta is a hard working, talented designer who made certain the flow, color and the essence of what this unique business is doing was reflected in a wonderful way. She will be a big part of anything we do when it comes to sustainable interior design and décor at Fresco – she’s a member of our Fresco Green Team.
-Rick Frescatore

Henrietta was fabulous. She worked with me to rearrange what I have and now I have a whole new living space. She and I moved furniture all around and she gave me very helpful advice for a few accessories I plan to add. It was a wonderful experience. My first time working with an interior designer, it couldn’t have been better.
– Client  2011


Thanks again for everything…it was a real treat to watch how you work and be on the opposite side of the fence, per se. I always knew you were very smart and talented-but watching how you work made me realize that you truly are an artisan. It was fun watching you work your craft.

Talk to you soon,

Henrietta and Amanda are charming, sweet and know their stuff. I love that they helped me arrange furniture I already owned so that the room flowed. I didn’t feel like I had to go spend thousands of dollars to make the room work. Love them.
– Client 2011

Henrietta is a fantastic person to work with. She listens to your ideas and helps create a personal space that will work best for you.
-Client 2011

I wanted help in choosing paint colors. Henrietta has a great eye for color. She was fun to work with and very professional. We have finished painting all but two accent walls. I am thrilled with the end result.
-Client 2011